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What is Kambo?

Kambo is the name of the secretion that comes from the Phyllomedusa bicolor, or waxy-monkey tree frog, found in the Amazon basin and surrounding areas. Kambo is highly sought after due to its potent chemical composition of bioactive peptides which help to revitalize and rebalance the body and mind.



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Kambo, or "Sapo," is considered an ancestral medicine by the indigenous tribes of the western region of the Amazon for over 2000 years. It's distinctive effects promoted scientific study in order to establish its composition as well as determine its bioactive properties. Italian pharmacologist Vittorio Erspamer began research in 1980 and concluded that Kambo contains a "fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications unmatched by any other amphibian."



Sananga, derived from the shrub Tabernaemontana 


is a very potent eye drop that's applied directly to the eyes. It's most well known attribute is to improve vision. 

Sananga is an optional offering at the beginning of a kambo session to help a participant "get out of their head" and ground more into their body, as it may have a relaxing and meditative effect shortly after use. 



Hapé, or rapé (pronounced ha-pay) is a sacred shamanic snuff that's been used by the tribes of the Amazon basin for centuries and is an essential part of their tribal culture and history. It is prepared in a traditional ceremonial fashion and comprised mostly of wild tobacco mixed with medicinal or sacred tree ashes. 

Many tribal cultures believe hapé can aid in releasing emotional, physical and spiritual illness that can ease negativity and confusion, which enables a grounding of the mind. 

Hi tribe!

I'm Ashley...

My journey with Kambo started back in 2019 during my adventures to the Amazon jungle where I fell in love with Kambo shortly after my first ceremony. I took Kambo training in the fall and winter of 2020-21 and began serving myself on a regular basis, experiencing such deep and profound healing in my body, mind and spirit. I ventured to the beautiful Creede, CO in June of 2022 where I completed the Kambo Practitioner training with Tribal Detox. This training was heavily focused on the science behind Kambo with a very strong emphasis on safety for clients. My mission is to provide a safe container of space during your session and to allow your journey with Kambo to unfold in whatever way that looks like for you!


Viva Kambo!

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